Watts Unity Garden

The HPGC supports the Watts Unity Garden.

The Hancock Park Garden Club has given a grant to Green Spaces LA for the Watts Unity Garden.  This funding was used for the trees in the garden and orchard, specifically the 5 large established evergreen trees, and the 9 anchor citrus trees. 


Green Spaces LA, a 501C3 organization founded by HPGC members Stacy Twilley and Marnie Owens is working in partnership with the residents of Watt’s Imperial Courts housing project to re-envision and renovate a neglected, run-down 2,500 sq. ft. parcel of garden located next to the playground in the center of the Imperial Courts housing project.  The garden was originally conceived as a community vegetable garden, but over time it fell into disrepair due to inadequate irrigation, poor plant selection, and lack of a community-based maintenance plan.


The project addresses these issues with an updated modern irrigation system: a new design that replaces some vegetable boxes with fruit trees, adds pollinators and ground cover beds to abate weeds, and adds key established shade trees; and creates a maintenance strategy that employs a community-based garden team to maintain the garden on a weekly basis.