• Patty Lombard

Winter Vegetable Gardening

One of the best things about living in Los Angeles is that we garden nearly all year. Our warm Mediterranean climate is pretty forgiving, so you can plant whenever you get around to it.

I have three raised beds where I've mostly been growing tomatoes and decided it might be nice to plant a winter vegetable garden. There are lots of wonderful greens that are perfect for our mild winter climate. To get started, I contacted our own HPGC horticulture expert, Judy Kirshner, for some advice on what to plant, as well as suggestions on how to replenish the soil after several seasons of tomatoes.

Judy suggested adding compost and soil amendments like worm castings into the beds, then letting them rest for a week. There are lots of options for winter vegetables that can be purchased as small plants at local nurseries. Judy said she raises some plants from seeds, but suggested I simply go shopping and see what's available that my family likes to eat...except with the possible exception of carrot seeds, which can be planted directly into the beds and they seem to grow before you very eyes.

So, I made a trip to Sunset Nursery and found lots of wonderful lettuces, kale, beets and onions. I also got some herbs and flowers, as well as more potting soil to amend the beds. Locally, Two Dog Nursery also offers some great options. I ended up planting the garden in late December and we are now able to enjoy some delicious greens.



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