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Vicarious Visiting Gardens - Tuscany

Our own Gina Brandt's article about Tuscany is featured in the Visiting Gardens section of the GCA's March 2021 eNews, along with some very Tuscan recipes!

To be in Italy again without the pandemic, wouldn’t that be wonderful? Imagine meandering through ancient streets leading to the piazza at the town’s historic center or coming across a breathtaking fountain that seems to be there waiting for someone to stop and rest. Or maybe it’s finding a tiny church that leaves one feeling as awestruck by its stark beauty as if it were the grandest cathedral. It may be wistful musings about taking cooking classes with an Italian nonna or having a divine lunch at a neighborhood trattoria with a good friend.

All of these thoughts of Italy remind us of how fortunate we are to have survived this terrible time—our gratitude to first responders and frontline workers is without bounds as is our sympathy for those who have suffered loss. Despite all the sadness during these past 12 months, we are optimistic that in the not so distant future we will be able to travel to Italy again (hopefully without masks). Until then, mangiamo italiano!

The recipes here would work well as part of a multi-course Italian meal or perhaps with just a simple salad. They come from cookbooks, chefs, and memories but none are overly complicated. Plus substitutions and cheats are allowed!

We’re sure you will enjoy this vicarious trip to Tuscany. It’s a favorite place and right up at the top of our travel list. Clink on the link to read Gina's recipes!

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