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Slides of the Native Micro-Forest Project

Katherine Pakradouni, Lead Project Consultant for the LA Parks Foundation, shared a presentation with HPGC in March 2021 that detailed the proposed project. Katherine is a local native plant horticulturist and consultant who brings to this project years of propagation, design, and horticulture experience from her career working with the Theodore Payne Foundation and Grown in LA.

The project will create a 900-square-foot circular area with a decomposed granite path through the middle. On either side of the pathway would be dozens of densely planted tree, shrub, and understory saplings of native species, local to the Los Angeles River watershed. Each of these species would have been grown from locally-collected seeds and grown in 14" tree pots behind the garage of the Griffith Park Nursery House at 2650 N. Commonwealth Avenue. Local sourcing of the seeds for the trees is consistent with the Miyawaki method, ensures regionally resilient trees, and contributes to urban conservation goals for Los Angeles. After planting the saplings, a two-year commitment from the LA Parks Foundation and HPGC volunteers would ensure the establishment of the new forest. For more details regarding the timeline of the project, please see the attached Project Timeline.

Scroll through Katherine's slide presentation here:

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