• Judy Kirshner

November Garden Chores

Prune trees and hedges now. . .not in the spring when pruning will disturb nesting birds and insects.

Deep water trees and wash dirt and ash off smaller plants, especially if we don't have much rain.

Plant winter flowers and bulbs.

Clean up vegetable garden meticulously, feed soil, amend and, give a few days to settle in before planting winter edibles. Mulch!

In the rest of the garden leave some stalks and debris for native bees, birds, butterflies, predatory insects. Wait until spring to prune and clean up all the leaves. Embrace some of the mess!

Dispose of diseased plants and leaves in trash (not compost).

Divide and propagate perennials.

Go on snail, slug and pest patrol.

Plan changes; read seed and plant catalogs.

Enjoy the beauty of a winter garden.

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