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Meg Paskal Attends NAL Conference

The week of February 23-26  the Garden Club of America(GCA) held the 37th annual National Affairs and Legislative Conference (NAL) in Washington DC. Over 300 delegates from garden clubs around the country attended, prepared to advocate for CCA’s legislative priorities for 2020.

Currently there is no predominant climate change legislation advancing in Congress, though the 300 women strong volunteer group from the GCA was fully versed and prepared to meet with their state representatives to urge passage of the five GCA legislative priorities. The positions currently being put forward are:   *Land and Water Conservation Fund   *Parks, Public Lands and Native Plants   * Native Plant Species Pilot Program Act of 2020   *Oceans   *Transportation, Infrastructure and Pollinator Highways

It was quite something to hear the repeated references to the long-standing respect paid to the GCA by our government representatives as well as renowned specialists in diverse fields of conservation. It was clear that when the GCA comes to Washington, many levels of government take notice and help to move legislation forward. The GCA planned an exciting action packed agenda for the week. Starting with a fascinating evening tour of Washington’s spectacular monuments, to a robust speaker series tailored to the numerous ongoing GCA conservation objectives such as the looming threats to America’s bedrock environmental laws, the Clean Water Rule and the loss of biodiversity and the legislative initiatives to prevent the decline. The conference closed with a keynote address by Theodore Rosevelt V, great, great grandson of Theodore Rosevelt. As his great great grandfather is credited with creating the present day US Forest Service, the National Wildlife Refuges and implementing numerous other conservation standards, Theodore V has taken up the mantle to continue the conservation legacy into the 21st century. A fitting close to a rich, informative and inspiring week. Meg Paskal

Conservation Chair

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