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Joint Meeting to Explore LA's Ecosystem in "Sustainable Cities"

How can Los Angeles become a more inhabitable place, for both people and creatures, as it continues to expand, build out and up? How can we make use of the natural resources we have, including the LA River, the public parks and boulevards, and homeowners own yards? Might we think in new ways that are more sustainable, more beautiful, and that allow for people, animals and nature to co-exist in a more compatible union?

Come hear Kat Superfisky, the first and only Urban Ecologist for the City of LA, speak on efforts to envision a better Los Angeles in Symbiotic Cities: Uncovering and Enhancing Ecology in Los Angeles. Also on tap, Carol Bornstein will speak on the Nature Gardens at the Natural History Museum and lead tour of the gorgeous gardens, right outside the doors at our luncheon.

The event will be held in the soaring Otis Booth Pavilion at the Natural History Museum on Feb 25, 2020 from 10:30am-1:30 pm and includes lunch, free admission to the museum and the garden tour. RSVP by Friday Feb 14. Consider bringing a guest! The HPGC is hosting this year's Joint Meeting of clubs including the Diggers and Pasadena garden clubs.

(Kat Superfisky shown above lounging alongside the LA RIVER.)

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