• Patty Lombard

Joint Meeting a Huge Success!

Kat Superfisky, one of the first Urban Ecologists for the City of LA, delivered an amazing presentation before a large gathering of our three local GCA Clubs: Pasadena Garden Club, The Diggers and Hancock Park at Natural History Museum last month. Her topic Symbiotic Cities: Uncovering and Enhancing Ecology in Los Angeles gave her license to deliver a wide-ranging talk on the history of the Los Angeles River, efforts to restore the river and how we can create pocket habitats across the city. Representatives from city government included CD 4 and CD 5 and Dept of Rec & Parks, while the Los Angeles Parks Foundation, and the Arboretum of LA County were also in attendance.

Following Kat's presentation, Carol Bornstein and her staff led tours of the Nature Gardens at the Natural History Museum which were in beautiful winter bloom.

Hancock Park Garden Club was recognized by the museum for our donation enabling the garden staff to create a special curiosity cart that would be used to help visitors explore topics while in the garden. We were shown photos of the design of the cart that will soon be constructed. They also showed off some of the materials they would be using on the cart to enrich the visitor's experience in the garden.

Thanks to Flo Fowkes for coordinating all aspects of the luncheon, and to Flo and Susan Humphreville for organizing all the check-in and seating details of the meeting. They cleverly organized us by stickers, making sure to mix up all the various club members for a more collegial meeting.

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