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Jardesca Now Makes Candles

HPGC Member Lisa Morrison and her family have added a new product to their line of Jardesca Aperitifs.

“Much of our time is spent at events sampling our Aperitifs and at the end of every event we would have all these empty bottles," explained Lisa. "Our son, Charlie, couldn’t bear throwing away the bottles, so he came up with the idea of repurposing them into candles”.

The Morrisons created a Jardesca candle that is botanically infused. The fragrance they created is evocative of a summer garden with hints of citrus and mint, light, bright and reminiscent of their fresh garden to glass spritzes. They also added a hint of citronella to keep the bugs at bay to help the enjoyment of an aperitif alfresco in the garden. Their love of gardens is not just in the name Jardesca (which means fresh from the garden) but also backed by the donation they make to Public Gardens for every candle they sell.

You can find all the Jardesca products here.

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