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Hunkered Down Comfort Food from Back in the Kitchen.with Gina Brandt and Flo Fowkes

Updated: Apr 8, 2020

During these past weeks, we all have been concerned about the coronavirus and its impact on our families, our communities, and the world. We know from our past that by working together, each doing our part—whether on the front lines or helping elderly neighbors or staying hunkered down at home—we can, and will, face the challenges before us and turn this pandemic around. In recognition of the power of collective friendship during difficult times, we thought we’d share some of our most delicious comforting recipes with you. It’s our way of letting you know that we are thinking about our GCA family, although we are miles apart.

Now, mind you, these are recipes for “cakes that comfort” and yummy desserts, not kale or quinoa! After all, baking sweet gifts for friends in stressful circumstances is a time honored tradition. And home-baked cakes, even more so than casseroles, are the essence of shared comfort—at least we think so. The recipes that follow are ones that we’ve made at HQ and served at lunch or even at the early morning breakfasts. They are all divine and vetted. Baking together at HQ is a ton of fun for us. We thankfully have new (and desperately needed) ovens, and we are pretty well-equipped to turn out yummy treats in short order. For us back in the kitchen, the process of baking something tasty is often spontaneous and it is always creative. Admittedly we can get distracted with chatter and laughs but we also work hard for hours on end. Most of our recipes are from our favorite cookbook authors—in this case from Nigella Lawson, Abby Mandel, and James Beard—as well recipes that are old family favorites or from food blogs and television shows. Since sharing food is what we do on the GCA’s Hospitality Committee, sending a recipe when we are “sheltering at home” is the next best thing to being able to bring a sweet treat over to your house. So here’s to baking with love and cherishing the incomparable GCA benefits of association. On behalf of all of us on the Hospitality Committee, please stay healthy and safe!

P.S. Two recent cookbooks that are perfect for hunkered down reading are Melissa Clark’s Dinner in French and Toni Tipton-Martin’s Jubilee (you will enjoy the historical information as well as the recipes). And next month we’ll feature recipes from our Cocina Cubana lunch at HQ. Now that was a really good one! Stay tuned…

Download and save or print the recipes here.

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