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How to Plant Garlic

Here's a challenge I bet few of us have tried - plant a winter crop of garlic in your garden.

Gardeners Supply has a quick description on how to plant, trim and harvest your own crop of either hardneck or softneck garlic. Check out their step-by-step instruction (with photos) and/or get inspired by this short film they have on their website.

From Gardeners Supply:

Hardneck garlic varieties produce a stiff stem that grows up through the center of the bulb. Compared to softneck varieties, then tend to have a sharper flavor, with more variation in flavor among the varieties. They're hardier, too, making them a good choice for regions with very cold winters. Once harvested, the bulbs have a somewhat shorter shelf life than softneck varieties.

Softneck garlic varieties don't produce a stiff central stem. This list the type of garlic you'll find at most supermarkets. It has a relatively mild flavor. Softneck garlic is the best choice for regions with mild winters, and it's the type to grow if you want to make garlic braids.

Elephant garlic resembles a giant head of garlic and, indeed, it does belong to the same genus, Allium. However, it isn't a "true" garlic but rather is more closely related to the leek.

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