• Patty Lombard

Follow the Butterflies

We spotted this Painted Lady butterfly on this Pittosporum hedge the other day. Then we read about the The Natural History Museum's effort to count the 2020 migration of the Painted Lady Butterfly which is happening right now. Every year, Painted Lady butterflies migrate north from Mexico and inland from the deserts, seeking their food, succulent green plants. Last year, it was spectacular because of the super bloom thanks to last year's rains. This year scientists at the museum invite us to help them count the migration.

All you have to do is go outside on a warm sunny day at noon and set a timer for ten minutes and count how many of these delightful butterflies you see. They are often confused for Monarch Butterflies but they are much more orange in color and smaller. There's more about how to spot the Painted Lady in the video below.

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