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Edibles to Plant this Fall

The LA Times published a helpful article early October: "Don't give up on gardening now! Fall is the easiest time to grow food in SoCal"

While people in colder climes are preparing to hang up their hoes, SoCal gardeners are entering the optimum time for growing cool-season crops and prepping for a fruitful bounty of berries next spring. This is the best time to grow root crops like beets, potatoes and radishes, lush rows of tangy greens, towers of peas and all those spicy, healthy brassicas like arugula, broccoli, cauliflower and kale.

The story suggests planting blueberries in large pots and adding a vinegar wash later to bring acidity to the soil that blueberries require, starting some of your winter crops from seed in the ground, and checking out Two Dog Nursery in the Mid-City area, which is a relatively new certified organic farm run by Anne and Alejandro Trigo that offers 3 1/2" starter plants.

Read the full article at LA Times.

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