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Submit your photographs for Covid Project

The GCA is collecting images for a new photography program titled "The Covid Project" which will document what life has been like during the pandemic and result in a free online eBook (and a print edition available for purchase.) Each club will be limited to submitting up to 5 images, of which at least 1 will be selected for the book.  Images may be accompanied by a statement of intent of 25 words or less. Clubs may also submit one or two member’s brief written recollections.

Home - My house, my world while sheltering, meals, my community

Masks - Protection by masks, shields, gloves etc.

Coping - Gardening, hobbies, home improvement projects

Social - Distancing but connecting while apart

Business - Food shopping, service repairs, deliveries, restaurants

Work - The virtual world of working or protected workers

First Responders - The people and the kindness in return, signs

Virtual life - Meetings, webinars, workshops

Creativity – Photos of artwork or crafts; creatively manipulated photos

School - Home school, virtual school, learning pods, classroom styles, schools closed

Children at play, social life - bikes, walks, empty playgrounds; chalk art, decoration and displays in yards and windows.  NOTE the GCA guidelines regarding photographs of children: Identifiable photographs of minor children shall not be posted publicly or appear on approved GCA social media unless a parent or guardian has provided a written release. The release is available on the GCA website.

Celebrating- Graduations, weddings, birthdays, distance parties

Memorial - A special memorandum at end for any GCA members who lost their lives due to COVID -19

Interested in representing the HPGC in this activity? They would like every club to submit, so we need your photos please. Email a few of yours to hancockparkgardenclub@gmail.com with COVID PROJECT in the subject line and we'll submit the five we feel best represent the HPGC.

The purpose of this project is to provide a forum for GCA members to share their personal experiences in an a-political manner.  No political content, or content that is deemed to have political overtones, will be included. Read more on the GCA site here.

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