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Community Supported Agriculture

From your Conservation Committee (Wendy & Meg)

In the time of COVID-19 it is a real challenge to be environmentally conscious. With Community Supported Agriculture (CSA), there is a way. Subscribe and receive farm fresh, pesticide-free local produce delivered to your door. CSA boxes arrive to your home with little or no plastic. Ordering directly from these farms cuts out the middleman and offers an opportunity to put produce almost directly from the farm to your table!

The resources listed below are all certified organic. These companies offer an array of vegetables, fruits, and many other grocery items. Most offer helpful tips and inspiring recipes. CSA provides a real connection to the farmers who are providing our produce. Important information about their sustainable practices are also available on their websites. It is a great experience to appreciate the wholesomeness, freshness and care that emanates from these thoughtfully, locally grown veggies and fruits.

Click on the links below to review and find which company best suits your needs. Let us know if you have a favorite CSA not listed here.

Earth Matterz

Farm Fresh to You

Imperfect Foods

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