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Certify Your Yard Wildlife Habitat

HPGC Member Lisa Morrison certified her yard as a Wildlife Habitat through the National Wildlife Federation and found it an easy and gratifying experience. It only takes a few minutes, $20 and you'll do your part to inspire others! We will be compiling a list of everyone who has completed certification and added to the efforts in greater Wilshire and nation-wide.

Lisa shared: "Having our garden certified as a Natural Wildlife Habitat is especially meaningful to me because gardening has always provided me with a refuge and oasis of calm, especially in the past few months. Every morning I just love seeing the squirrels, lizards ,birds and bees going about their daily business!

Thankfully Anawalt remained open as the staff and resources there are truly an essential service for me. GROWN IN LA is another amazing resource, I am especially proud of my new native yarrow plant, that I cultivated from seeds."

More information on certifying your yard is here.

Enjoy some wonderful images from Lisa's yard below.

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