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A Succulent September

Here is a brief look at some of the pots of succulents created at our wonderful September workshop. Many thanks to Mary Pickhardt for sharing her knowledge and planting talents and to Julie Grist, her camera person. Appreciation also goes to Helen Hartung and Judy Kirschner for assembling the plants, pots and soil for all of us to use.

Pictured below with their "pots-in-progress" are new members Junie Johnston Lowry and Christine Lowry, with sister-in-law and long-standing member, Patsy Lowry. Go Team Lowry!

Above (left to right) are creations by Patty Lombard, Holly Holyk and Susan Humphreville.

Pots by Betty Walker, Susana Funsten (with interesting shadows!) and Carolyn Bennett are shown above, followed below by Patsy's Lowry's finished product. On the left side of her pot, Pasty included a small fragment from her recently broken Paolo Solei bell, which serves as a talisman.

Pots by Julie Grist - send us an image of yours to add!

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