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A Call from the Scholarship Committee

We request that our members help identify an individual whom we would propose for the GCA Elizabeth Abernathy Hull Award for his or her work inspiring children to love nature and care for the planet. The Hull Award is the only GCA award for which individual garden clubs can directly propose a candidate. We are advised to keep the nomination a surprise to the candidate.

The nominee could be a person who created or leads a program in a school, a museum or in the community. For example, in 2017, as proposed by the HPGC, a Hull Award was given to Kathryn Kocarnik, a beloved garden teacher and cooking instructor at the Garden School Foundation, an outdoor experiential school for Title I students in Los Angeles. Described as “a rock star on our campus,” Kathryn teaches the value of composting and worms, the importance of bees, concepts of germination and photosynthesis, and the science of gardening. Her seed-totable curriculum helps students learn about the environment, sustainability, and nutrition. If you know of a person or persons we should consider for this award in 2021, please email Ivna Gusmao, HPGC scholarship chair at ivnag@aol.com. The deadline for us to submit a nomination proposal to GCA is February 1, 2021.

Below is the GCA description of the award:

What does this Award Recognize?

The Garden Club of America, as part of its Scholarship program, offers an award to an individual who provides outstanding education for our youth. The Elizabeth Abernathy Hull Fund for Early Environmental Education was established "to recognize an individual who, through working with children under 16 years of age in horticulture and the environment, has inspired their appreciation of the beauty and fragility of our planet."

Both GCA and non-GCA members are eligible and may be proposed. (Individuals may not propose themselves.) The award is administered by the GCA Scholarship Committee, which screens candidates and selects the award recipient(s). Since its creation, the amount of the award has been $1,000, and has been presented annually to one or more persons.

How often is it presented: Annually

Who is eligible: GCA club member or non-member

Deadline for completed application to GCA: February 1, 2021

Which committee is it approved by: Scholarship

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