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Hancock Park Goes to the Huntington

On a clear sunny day in mid-October the club met Thomas Carruth, Curator of the Huntington Rose Garden, for a tour of this iconic Pasadena museum. Carruth led the group, decked out in sun hats, on a winding tour of the legendary Huntington property, including the California Garden, a portion of the Desert Garden, the Jungle Garden and finally ended at the Rose Garden.

Carruth proudly showed off the "Huntington's 100th" rose that he helped breed and which commemorates the museum's centennial, as well as dozens of other stunning varieties. He also gave advice on rose maintenance and soil building while pointing out many of the still-blooming, fancifully-named varieties.

During the tour, Carruth shared information on the innumerable exotic cycads which dot the property, donated by noted cycad expert Loran Whitelock and moved after his death from his Eagle Rock home to the Huntington.

Thank you to Elizabeth Debreu for hosting the post-Huntington lunch at her lovely Pasadena home.

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