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HPGC Member Patricia Benner's Garden Featured in the Wall Street Journal

LUSH HOUR In the Brentwood section of Los Angeles, landscape designer Patricia Benner created a defiantly verdant yard without any water-hogging lawngrass. JESSICA SAMPLE FOR THE WALL STREET JOURNAL, STYLING BY MERISA LIBBEY

In July the Wall Street Journal wrote a feature story on a walled front yard in Los Angeles, designed by local landscape designer and HPGC member Patricia Benner that "skirted that risk, creating a “dry garden” that requires little water, and dispenses with thirsty turf while still sustaining nerve-salving verdure."

Congratulations to Pat on this well-deserved recognition.

Click here to read a pdf of the store. Or you can click here to read the article, WSJ login may be required.

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