• Patty Lombard

HPGC To Collaborate with LA City Sanitation Department and GWNC on Biodiversity Study

The garden club has been invited to join forces with the LA City Sanitation Department and the Greater Wilshire Neighborhood Council's Sustainability Committee to test pilot a Biodiversity Study using citizen scientists to record observations in their neighborhoods and backyards on the iNaturalist app.

"We are the first neighborhood council to be working with LASAN on a pilot biodiversity project. Through this project we will be collecting data to understand the biodiversity of the Greater Wilshire area," explained Julie Stromberg, Chair of the GWNC Sustainability Committee who invited the garden club to be part of the pilot project based our efforts to support our local urban wildlife. The study will establish baseline data for the Greater Wilshire area that will be reviewed again n 2-5 years to further understand our biodiversity and the impact climate change is having on our local environment.

"Throughout this year-long project, we will be working closely with LASAN and NHM. We hope that our pilot project will serve as a model for all neighborhood councils," said Stromberg.

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