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On June 13th, seven members of the HPGC (and one son - Alex) paddled the 'lazy' Sepulveda Basin portion of the Los Angeles River organized by the Conservation committee. This is a natural bottom, non-concretized section near the Tillman Water Reclamation Plant and Lake Balboa, and quiet water compared to the Glendale Narrows section kayaked by the club a few years ago.

We encountered blue herons and their nest, hummingbirds, ducks and ducklings; lush banks green with various native willows, non-native castorbean, arundo, catalpas, and oleander; small fry fish - likley mosquitofish; shopping carts, clothes, and plastic bags flying 10’ high in trees, a result of the recent rains. We paddled a mile in our individual kayaks to the small waterfall, then returned. Those that were able debriefed over lunch at the Garden Cafe.

Returning kayaks after the one mile upstream-downstream run.

The river has carved out a portion of sandy hillside giving a good example of erosion.

Much of this section of the LA River is overgrown. Balboa Park sits alongside this section, and one hears little sounds of city or traffic.

Despite having had a cleanup by Friends of LA River in the winter, the river is still strewn in sections with garbage which is unsettling and depressing to look at.

Club members used their newly-learned iNature app to identify some of the non-native plants along the river. This turned out to be catalpas, a semi-tropical tree from parts of N America and Asia.

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