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Plastics in Every Part of the Ocean

There are plastic materials in every part of the ocean. That sad news was delivered by Katelyn Sullivan, Education Coordinator at the Aquarium of the Pacific who spoke to members and their guests at our March meeting. Hosted at the home of Melanie and Paul Boettcher, who served a delicious buffet dinner with dining inside and out with guests gathering in their historic home for the lecture.

Sullivan told the assembled group not to lose hope because each one of us can make decisions daily that can prevent more plastics from ending up in the ocean. There was an extensive conversation among the group about what really makes a difference. Everyone was encouraged to use less plastic packaging, consider taking reusable containers for leftovers instead of using plastic bags and even think about less washing of synthetic clothing which gives off micro plastics that accumulate in the intestines of animals.

Ms. Sullivan brought along with her some pellets from sea birds which contain undigested plastic materials. The crowd of almost 40 guests was fascinated, horrified and motivated to learn more and do our part to reduce the volume of plastic in our oceans.

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