• Julie Grist/Patty Lombard

Weeding the New Garden at Fire Station 29

Julie Grist and Michaela Burschinger worked alongside a great crew of six enthusiastic firefighters weeding the newly installed garden at Fire Station 29 this past Thursday. "We did a whole lot of weeding between 9-10:30 and filled four large bags with weeds and refuse," said Julie.

Julie reported the plants are growing in well - only one died so far. The showy Firecracker Penstemon is blooming bright red, the white yarrow and red lantana are also flowering already. When the blue ceonothus starts blooming it will truly be a red-white-blue garden.

The fire crew was very interested in learning as much as they could about the various plants and we are devising a schedule for them to do regular weeding, leaving the leaf litter to add to the mulch, and picking up the trash that blows in from the street and passersby.

The lighting has not yet been purchased and installed, but work on that is in progress. It was a really rewarding morning and garden club members may enjoy other opportunities in the future to work with the FS29 crew. They seem to be really proud of the new look at the station.

Thanks to Julie and Michaela!

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