Meet Lynn Hall, Floret Floral Design

As Flower Committee Chair, I thought it might be fun to interview local floral professionals as part of our continuing efforts to explore trends in floral design. My first interview is with Lynn Hall, owner of Floret Floral Design at 654 N Larchmont Blvd.

How did you become interested in the flowers and creating flower arrangements?

I've had a passion for flowers starting at a very young age. I was told that my grandmother would walk me through her garden and I would talk to all of the flowers. I became interested again more than 20 years ago, a dear friend took me to the flower mart one day and then I was hooked.

What is your signature style - if there is one how would you describe?

Layering of textures, colors, an overall lush full feel

How has your style changed or evolved?

I've become freer with my design... no rules

What is your favorite flower to work with and why?

I have two ..Viburnum and hellaborres! They both give character and a little whimsy , and movement to any creation.

Where does your inspiration come from?

I am inspired by interior design, fashion, and most of all, other floral designers/ artists

Are there styles you avoid?

I don't know that I've avoided any one style ... although I do have my favorites , which currently now I would describe as modern ranch .

Are there flowers you avoid?

I suppose I've avoided bird of paradise all of these years … But I'm sure I could figure out some way to work with them in a creative way!

What is one of the longer lasting flowers you use?

Antheriums from Holland and Dianthus, I use those quite often.

What do you think is the best way to keep flowers arrangements fresh?

Keeping the water clean and free of debris. Flowers are always happier when there are kept in a cool environment.

Chose 3 words to describe your style?

Fresh, Current and Creative

What’s your favorite thing to do in LA?

Dining at new restaurants, spending time in Malibu

Do you have a favorite place on Larchmont?

My spot on Larchmont is my own...It makes me happy each day I come to work ... very calming place to be :) However, I did love Ace hardware back in the day!

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