Conservation Crew in the Ballona Wetlands

On a sunny but cool Saturday morning in late February found members of the HPGC removing non-native plants from the dunes at the Ballona wetlands. The Conservation Committee arranged the event and four hearty HPGC members took the challenge as ween above with a pile of pulled weeds Carolyn Bennett, Holly Holyk, Laura Dutton and Jennifer Fain.

The Friends of the Ballona wetlands coordinated a habitat restoration project at the site of old horse stables and near a Tongva/Gabrielleno sacred site. Because of the risk of disturbing ancient artifacts, there must be minimal disturbance to the soil. Thus the removal of invasive species is painstaking since it is all by hand with no tools.

The HPGC team removed piles of Carpobrodus edulis (iceplant), Euphorbia terracina, and Chrysanthemum coronarium (crown daisy). Our members enjoyed the therapeutic nature of yanking out the plants, and also enjoyed restoring their knees during lunch at a local restaurant by the beach.

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