Plastic Ocean

Friday night, January 26, 14 members of the HPGC and guests gathered at the home of Nancy Ziehl to watch the movie A Plastic Ocean.

The Conservation Committee has been highlighting waste and water issues this year, echoing concerns of the NGA, as seen in the Winter edition of the Bulletin. We enjoyed wine and nibbles beforehand, then proceeded to watch the beautifully filmed and fact-packed movie about the impact of our pervasive use of plastic on the marine ecosystems and our food chain. Afterward, we discussed members' reactions to the film, and how we could respond to this crisis.

If you were unable to attend, we highly recommend you watch the film, available on Netflix.

Thank you to Nancy for opening her lovely home for this event!

GCA’s position paper on plastics, with an excerpt on how we can reduce our consumption.

Options to reduce our single use plastic consumption ● Use reusable cloth or reused paper bags for shopping. ● Bring your own ‘to go’ containers to a restaurant if you think you may have leftovers. ● Don’t use straws when drinking or if you really want one, request a compostable straw, 
or an old fashioned paper straw. You can also bring your own straw. ● Request biodegradable stir sticks for bar drinks. Even those small plastic stir sticks are a problem. ● Review your own plastic reuseable containers at home. Make sure they are BPA free and phthalate free. Glass containers are available and they don’t leach toxins! ● When shopping for fruit and vegetables, the cloth woven bags work well and after shopping, you can just wash them in your washing machine. ● When working out, bring your own refillable bottle or use the water fountain! ● When shopping, always think about what you are buying, how you will dispose of the packaging 
and the product when your use of it is over. ● If the packaging disturbs you, write a note to the manufacturer at their marketing department 
and let them know your thoughts, and how you would suggest they pack and display the item. ● Milk: wouldn’t you rather have your milk in glass? Do you really want to drink from a 
leaching plastic bottle? The tetra pak paper and wax package is better than plastic, but not as great as glass. Multi layer and aseptic containers are not really recyclable due to the difficulty of separating the layers. They can only be burned or landfilled. ● Many newspapers are prepacked in thin film plastic bags. These thin bags are not really recyclable. Make sure your delivery person has a dry place to put your paper and ask them to not use the bag for your paper. ● Choose a dry cleaner that uses reusable cloth dry cleaning bags and has bagged the plastic ● The idea is to just reduce the volume of plastic we use. ● Let your store buyer know what you are thinking! Let the manufacturer of the products you use 
know what you care about. ● Just reducing what we use and acting as a role model to others by our purchasing habits can 
make a huge difference.

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