Horticulture Notes - November


·Finish planting winter annuals and winter vegetables.

·Finish planting spring bulbs in the garden. Bulbs for Mediterranean climate will not be as showy but will come back each year. Many others will just give one year of bloom.

·Start forced bulbs for the holiday season.

·Continue planting California native plants and Mediterranean plants.

·Plant strawberries in the beginning of the month.


·Cut back days of irrigation. Turn off irrigation once the rains start. If it does not rain for 2 weeks, water again.

·If needed, spray nectarines and peaches for peach leaf curl once the leaves are off the trees.

·Trim tall and dense shrubs, hedges and trees. Prune for shape but

never top a tree!

·Clean up fallen fruit, dead and diseased plants. Leave some leaves. Check out this link from the Xerces Society.

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