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Demo - Recycle - Revive

Conservation Chairs Nancy Ziehl, Sue Ellen Waters and Holly Holyk arranged for a reprise of a great field trip to IRS Demo in South Gate: Interior Removal Specialists - Always Destruction with Care.

This remarkable company does construction and demolition recycling, changing their clients' trash into useful and helpful things for others and the environment. IRS specializes in removing everything from commercial sites, including doors, furniture, flooring, window treatments, art, pipes, built-ins, drywall, lighting and more.

They sell the construction materials for recycling - but donate the furnishings and fittings to any non-profit who needs them. They've furnished orphanages in Tijuana and many local groups including schools, churches, animal shelters and other 501C3 organizations.

Ten HPGC club members had an in-depth tour of the facilities and heard first-hand from the company's founder and President, Carlos Herrera. He told many stories about his early start in dumpster diving which eventually led to building a multi-million dollar company that keeps materials from ending up in our limited landfills. IRS Demo is the only company in the U.S. that has a 79% actual diversion rate, meaning the carpeting, ceiling tiles, drywall, concrete, windows, wood and furnishings does NOT get dumped, but gets recycled, reused and revived.

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