November To Do List: Horticulture


· Mid October starts our best planting season. Hopefully gentle rain will help irrigate the new plants. Be aware of winds and water well before the plants wilt.

· Plant winter annuals.... Alyssum, Dianthus, Johnny Jump-ups, Pansies, Violas, Calendula, Stock are just a few..

· Scatter wildflower and native seed especially California poppies.(Plant some of the seed in pots with labels so you can identify the seedlings and don't weed them out of the garden)

· Plant iris, South African and native bulbs

· Sow lettuce, chard, kale, bok choy, spinach, raddish, broccoli or plant vegetable starts.

· Plant perennials, divide old clumps

· Do not plant tropicals.


· Adjust irrigation of trees so they do not get over saturated. Start to cut back irrigation. Subtract a day, keep the number of minutes the same.

· Cleanup debris, dropped fruit, dead plants and leaves.

· Deadhead

· Fertilize cool season lawns. Lower blade height to encourage bushier growth.

· Apply fertilizer with humic acid to revitalize the soil.

· Stop feeding Camellias when they begin to develop flower buds


· Snail and slug season is starting.

· If you are infested with spider mites, use a miticide.

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