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Hands-on Horticulture Workshop

Our first meeting of the HPGC year was on a heavenly fall day in new member Shar Penfold's lovely home and garden. Jenny chaired the meeting, with reports about our absent members who were attending the GCA Shirley Meneice Horticulture Conference (Ginger Lincoln, Gina Brandt, Julie Grist, and Judy Kirshner), our new website, leaflet and invitations, upcoming meetings, our ongoing projects (Fire House #26 and Your Next Front Yard) among others!

Members came prepared with aprons, gloves, clippers and specimens to propagate. Helen Hartung gave a fine presentation about how to cut, trim and prepare cuttings to propagate and came with buckets of planting medium, pots, rooting hormone and plastic bags to tent our tender new plants. A wonderful meal in the garden was followed by members struggling to our cars with armfuls of pots in limp greenhouses.

Please send us progress reports about your cuttings!

Looking forward to our October Hort meeting with bulbs promising to bloom in time for the winter holidays.

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