• Judy Kirshner & Helen Hartung

September Gardening To Do List

Here's a helpful September To-Do List from our Horticulture Chairs, Judy Kirshner and Helen Hartung


  • September can be very hot and dcary so remember to keep deep watering trees and shrubs every few week.

  • Keep mulch thick 3-4 inches deep. Remember to keep it away from the trunks of plants.

  • Prune shrubs, vines, hedges, drought tolerant plants and perennials. Open up trees with lace pruning so Santa Ana winds do not cause damage.

  • Deadhead roses, do light pruning.


  • At the end of the month, sow winter vegetables such as lettuce, kale, swiss chard, bok choy, spinach, broccoli and radishes. Plant started seedlings (again, at the end of the month.)

  • The end of September is a good time to plant almost anything.


  • Water first and then fertilize so as not to burn roots.

  • Feed citrus and roses for the last time this year.

  • Feed camilias as their buds set.


  • Blast plants infested with white fly with the strong spray of a hose.

  • Leave iridescent fig beetles alone. They just just die soon.

  • Clean up under fruit trees, roses, old vegetables and other plants so insects don't lay eggs and carry over to next year in the debris or soil.

Native buckwheat flowers turn a brilliant orange/brown as we step into fall.



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