Stunting Your Paperwhites

Last year we told you about pickling paperwhites to stunt their growth so they fit better into shallow vases. This year, we found the video below that explains how it works. We also found a recipe for making the special water/alcohol solution for your bulbs about a week after you have planted them. Use the solution when the stem reaches a height of 2 inches. Pour off the water and replace it with the solution. Continue to use this mixture to water the bulbs. Click here for this recipe we found that includes a conversion table for making your alcohol solution.

Free iNaturalist Training Program

This Saturday, November 16, 2019 from 10:00 am to 1:00 pm at the Memorial Branch Library, you're invited to join the Greater Wilshire Neighborhood Council (GWNC) and the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County for a free training session on biodiversity and the iNaturalist app to record our local wildlife as part of the GWNC-Los Angeles Sanitation & the Environment Biodiversity Project. LA County Museum of Natural History staff will provide the ABCs of biodiversity and get everyone on board the free iNaturalist app, the popular worldwide program that helps identify and record the plants and animals around us. RSVP required to

Our Eco Marketplace Now Open!

Welcome to the HPGC Eco Marketplace! Our conservation theme this year is “Sustainable Living: What We Can Do as Individuals to Save Our Planet” and we have some suggestions for HPGC members to consider using to make your life more sustainable. Based in the "Conservation" page of the HPGC website, the HPGC Eco Marketplace provides links to products you can click through to view, and purchase if it suits your needs or fancy. Please share any other products you may know about by emailing either Wendy or Meg. We welcome any feedback, and of course any photos of you using your new products that help reduce our human impact on this planet. Feel free to share the Eco Marketplace with friends and

Fire Station Update

We stopped by Fire Station 29 on a Thursday morning to see three firefighters weeding the Centennial Garden that the Hancock Park Garden Club supported in conjunction with the First-In Fire Foundation. ​ The garden has grown in beautifully - the autumn reds are vibrant, the dry stream bed draped in sycamore leaves looks like it's been there forever, and the trees are thriving. ​ Stop by almost any Thursday morning between 9-11 am if you want to help the firefighters on their regular day of yard work. See photos #FirstInFireFoundation #FireStation29

Bugs Be Gone!

This is a great homemade recipe for keeping critters out of your vegetable garden. 1/2 cup cooking vegetable oil such as grape seed oil, canola oil or safflower oil 1 teaspoon Dr. Bronner’s peppermint soap 1 tablespoon baking soda Store concentrated mixture in a container. When you are ready to use your Bugs Be Gone, repurpose a 32 Oz sprayer bottle and fill it with water. Add 1 teaspoon of your concentrate mixture to the bottle and spray your veggies. Avoid doing it in the hot sun, so morning or early evening times are best. You cannot store the oil based formula with the water. It must be made fresh for each use. This mixture will tackle a problem with aphids, whitefly,

Hancock Park Goes to the Huntington

On a clear sunny day in mid-October the club met Thomas Carruth, Curator of the Huntington Rose Garden, for a tour of this iconic Pasadena museum. Carruth led the group, decked out in sun hats, on a winding tour of the legendary Huntington property, including the California Garden, a portion of the Desert Garden, the Jungle Garden and finally ended at the Rose Garden. Carruth proudly showed off the "Huntington's 100th" rose that he helped breed and which commemorates the museum's centennial, as well as dozens of other stunning varieties. He also gave advice on rose maintenance and soil building while pointing out many of the still-blooming, fancifully-named varieties. During the tour, Carrut


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