New Member Garden Memories: Susan Humphreville

Fifteen years ago, we redesigned our backyard under the leadership of talented landscape architect Joseph Marek. My favorite thing about our garden has been seeing newly planted saplings grow into thriving, mature trees. We planted six king palms which provide height and a surprising amount of shade. And the centerpiece of the garden, literally and figuratively, is a very happy olive tree. Sometimes I just sit and watch our trees. Susan Humphreville

Hibiscus Field Trip

The Horticulture workshop took a field trip to see stunning hibiscus grown by local resident Darren Eminian who hosted the club's intrepid horticulturalists in Lucerne Avenue garden filled these beautiful tropical plants. Eminian shared his techniques of propagation, fertilization and highly efficient watering that allows these specially hybridized tropical plants to grow in our mediterranean climate. Eminian has also created a habitat for humming birds!

Photo Call from GCA

Every month the GCA eNews highlights a different Zone with seasonal photos from their area. Check out last month’s eNews for ideas. It’s our turn to shine, it’s our turn to show our beautiful vast Zone XII in the wintertime, for the January 2019 GCA eNews letter with photographs taken by our talented members. Photo submission deadline is December 5! Specifics: We are looking for colorful and SEASONAL photos from members in Zone XII - taken IN Zone XII - for the January eNews. The photo may be in either horizontal or vertical format. All photos should be 1MB or larger. What to do: Email photos to Sue Welch at Put eNews Photo and Zone XII in the subject line Include the

New Member Garden Memories: Wendy Guzin

New member, Wendy Guzin, shown here photographing the palm grove at the Robinson Garden on our recent tour of the garden at our October meeting. I remember when I first arrived in Windsor Square, I was struck by the majesty of the trees and the beautiful landscaping of the historic properties. My husband Larry and I moved into our current home on Norton Avenue about sixteen years ago. We took many walks in the neighborhood, admiring our neighbors’ charming gardens. Two years later I began the adventure of transforming my own garden. Our terraced backyard provided an interesting canvas to paint my garden. It has evolved into a place to enjoy a visiting butterfly or hummingbird, a place to

New Member Garden Memories: Meg Paskal

New member Meg Paskal (left) with her sponsor Kathy Losey at the Robinson Gardens tour in October. Meg shared this garden memory with the HPGC leaflet. My fondest garden memories goes back to my Grandmother’s garden in Pennsylvania. As a child I remember after long snowy winters, going to my Grandmother’s garden and seeing the crocus pushing up through the last dustings of snow soon to be followed by the pansies which carried such a wonderfully distinct smell of spring as they warmed in the longer days of strengthening sunlight. As Children we knew summer was not far off... Meg Fry Paskal

The Garden at Fire Station 29

You may have noticed the front yard of Fire Station 29 at Wilshire and Van Ness Avenue has gotten a new look. The installation of the Centennial garden in honor of the station’s 100th anniversary was completed last week. The garden was the vision of Lyn MacEwen Cohen, founder of the First-In Fire Foundation who had long wanted to improve the campus of Fire Station 29. The Hancock Park Garden Club co-sponsored the garden along with other contributions from CD4, Greater Wilshire Neighborhood Council, Windsor Square Association, Windsor Village Association, Wilshire Park Association, Hancock Park Homeowners Association, Loveland Carr Properties, Fremont Place Home Owners Association. Thanks to


Did you know that GCA has almost one hundred named awards which it can give out each year? Some are very specific and go to only one recipient. But most of them are Club and Zone awards and are awarded to hundreds of well-deserving club and community volunteers. Through the years we have given awards to many well deserving people and organizations. Put on your thinking cap and let me know who in our club or community should be honored this year! Each awardee is presented with a lovely framed citation of his or her award. Here are some categories...for either club members or non-club members or organizations: Civic Improvement: for outstanding efforts which enhance, protect or restore th

October Field Trip to Virginia Robinson Gardens

Members of the club visited the historic Virginia Robinson estate in Beverly Hills on October 30, 2018. Built in 1911 the six acre property is the home of an intimate 2 BR mansion, a pool house and lavish gardens, including a forest of King palms, rose gardens and a sprawling terraced garden of plants collected from around the world.


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