November To Do List: Horticulture

Plant · Mid October starts our best planting season. Hopefully gentle rain will help irrigate the new plants. Be aware of winds and water well before the plants wilt. · Plant winter annuals.... Alyssum, Dianthus, Johnny Jump-ups, Pansies, Violas, Calendula, Stock are just a few.. · Scatter wildflower and native seed especially California poppies.(Plant some of the seed in pots with labels so you can identify the seedlings and don't weed them out of the garden) · Plant iris, South African and native bulbs · Sow lettuce, chard, kale, bok choy, spinach, raddish, broccoli or plant vegetable starts. · Plant perennials, divide old clumps · Do not plant tropicals. Maintain · Adjust irrigation of t

Recycle Your Used Corks!

We know you have some! Bring them to the General Meeting in October, we will collect them and send them in for you. Yemm & Hart Green Materials in Missouri will accept recycled corks and pay up to $500 (approximately 100,000 corks) to non-profits that send them in. We hate to see all these natural materials go into the landfill - bring in your old corks or start saving now ! Read more at YH Wine Cork Recycling.

The Real Dirt

Helen Hartung opened her wonderful garden to us and she and Judy Kirschner spoke about how learning about your soil will make you a better gardener. They explained (with visual aids!) our slightly troublesome clay soil, amendments and fertilizers - and how to read the packaging. We have a new appreciation of loam. Some of the pointers we learned included: -All soil made of sand, silt and clay. Our neighborhood is heavy on the clay side, which is alkaline (base, not acid) and doesn't drain well. So plants that required 'well drained soil' don't fair well here. -Don't walk on soil after it rains, it will compact the root systems, and become almost cement-like when dried out. -Twice a year (spr

2017 Shirley Meneice Horticulture Conference focuses on Seeds and the Plains

The Lauritzen Gardens in Omaha The HPGC had four Angelenos represented at this year's horticulture conference set in Omaha Nebraska Sept 24-26 and themed "Jewels of the Plains." Judy Kirshner, one of the club's Horticulture chairs, was joined by Julie Grist, Ginger Lincoln and Gina Brandt, who attended in her role as GCA Bulletin Chair. The kick-off dinner inside Omaha's Henry Doorly Zoo & Aquarium allowed conference attendees to roam the zoo and aquarium grounds for several hours which were abundant in both flora and fauna. Featured speaker that night was conservation photographer Michael Forsberg, a plains native, who gave a visually splendid and emotionally touching recounting of his mult

Hands-on Horticulture Workshop

Our first meeting of the HPGC year was on a heavenly fall day in new member Shar Penfold's lovely home and garden. Jenny chaired the meeting, with reports about our absent members who were attending the GCA Shirley Meneice Horticulture Conference (Ginger Lincoln, Gina Brandt, Julie Grist, and Judy Kirshner), our new website, leaflet and invitations, upcoming meetings, our ongoing projects (Fire House #26 and Your Next Front Yard) among others! Members came prepared with aprons, gloves, clippers and specimens to propagate. Helen Hartung gave a fine presentation about how to cut, trim and prepare cuttings to propagate and came with buckets of planting medium, pots, rooting hormone and plastic


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